E&O Insurance

E&O Insurance

Most companies can benefit from E&O insurance. 

E&O insurance provides a financial security net for businesses to fall back on if they find themselves under fire of a lawsuit by a customer or client.  Unhappy customers seldom hesitate to take companies, large or small, to court if they believe they have been wronged by a company or if a company has failed to uphold its end of the contract or business understanding.  Being able to fall back on E&O insurance can be the very thing that saves the company from bankruptcy.

Why E&O Insurance?

The first step a company should take when it is in the process of beginning and developing the company format is to obtain commercial liability insurance and E&O insurance.  Companies that manufacture products leave the door wide open to be on the receiving end of lawsuits.  Product manufacturing can often result in defects and recalls.  These defects are often not caught or noticed until the product is in the hands of the consumer.  Once a faulty product reaches the consumer, it can be too late to avoid a lawsuit.  E&O insurance is able to provide stability for the company and to offer major legal defense support in financial terms when it comes to lawsuits filed against a business.

Very successful companies with extremely high quality control standards and rigid work standards can make mistakes and errors which will lead to the need of E&O insurance.  If a company does run into a lawsuit filed by a client or customer, the company has the protection and safety net of its valuable E&O insurance to help see it through a rough legal situation.  Legal fees add up and can lead to a company shutting down if E&O insurance has not been purchased previously.

Businesses that manufacturer electronic products and computer software programs, along with cell phones and innovative new computers are at a higher risk than most companies of falling victim to complaint and error lawsuits.  These lawsuits are wading into murky areas due to the fact that much of this industry has advanced so rapidly that the laws have not had time to keep up.  Having obtained E&O insurance can dramatically help a company who is in one of these industries.  Legal defense fees can be provided in part or in full by the E&O insurance contract.  The amount of fees and financial assistance provided by the E&O insurance will be dependent upon the individual contract.

Upholding the end of a company contract in full one hundred percent of the time can be an extremely difficult feat.  Errors happen on a regular basis and mistakes often slip through the cracks.  Anything operated or produced by people has the probability for an error.  When this happens and your company is sued by a customer who received a faulty product or your company provided a service the client felt was not up to standard, you could quickly find your business in court and at risk.

E&O insurance for BusinessE&O Insurance Could Be Game Changing

When this happens, E&O insurance could be the very thing that saves your business and allows you to keep the doors to your company open and operating.  Even legal consultation fees are covered by a majority of E&O insurance companies.  Understanding how E&O insurance works and how it can aid your business in times of trouble and legal issues can help you to realize how much of a lifesaver it can potentially be for your company.

Every business owner wants to see his or her business operate, blossom, and reach its full potential.  Eventually, every business owner also runs into pitfalls and setbacks which can get the company off track for a bit.  These pitfalls and setbacks can easily come in the form of lawsuits filed by consumers who did business with your company.  Your business will be able to overcome the setbacks and carry on with business as usual without having to worry about how it is going to survive the pitfall if you have had the wisdom of investing in E&O insurance.

E&O Insurance clauses and contracts vary from agency to agency and also are dependent upon the industry the company seeking the insurance is in.  Though there are a few exceptions to the types of businesses that can gain E&O insurance coverage, the majority of businesses will have the opportunity to qualify for the helpful and valuable E&O insurance option.

Insurance agents who are experienced in serving businesses have the familiarity and expertise necessary to be a valuable friend during tough legal times for your business.  Talking to a professional insurance agent who specializes in serving businesses will be beneficial in the long-term success of your company and will allow you to be as prepared as possible for anything that comes your way.  For any questions you may have regarding E&O insurance and how much coverage you should get for your specific business, speaking to an experienced business insurance agent will provide you with a new confidence and knowledge which will prepare you for the future.

Protecting your company is important from the very day you open the doors for business.  For many years, E&O insurance can work for you to help you to quickly take care of legal financial issues, customer complaints that result in filing lawsuits, and in operating your business effectively and efficiently without making it vulnerable and at risk. Call for an E&O Insurance Quote now!


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