Mission Statement:

To provide the precisely correct Errors and Omissions Insurance and other business insurance at the best possible rates and obtain the desired outcome should a claim occur.

Headquartered in Rockland County, New York, BSD Business Insurance provides highly customized risk management services, commercial insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human resources consulting. We work with international firms as far away as China and with companies across the US ranging from Arizona to California to Florida.

BSD prides itself on delivering the most effective tailored programs solutions to US and International companies, small and large. Wherever your location and whatever your size, we work closely with you to deeply understand your insurance needs and provide the best solutions. We keep our customers up to date on insurance industry developments and offer best practices in risk management and market trends with a close watch on legislative impacts.

Protecting Your Business Assets is Priority One

Today’s companies have a myriad of risks to protect against. That's why we take the time to thoroughly analyze your business needs and develop a plan that solves your uniquely specific requirements.

Additionally, we ensure that you receive the best-researched competitive pricing year in and year out. Your management team can focus on running a profitable organization while relying on BSD to take all necessary precautions to safeguard your business from loss.

Where many insurance providers do not conduct due diligence to obtain the best priced policies with the maximum coverage in order to pad their commissions, at BSD we believe in forming long-term relationships by doing just that. You will never feel the need to crosscheck policy data and price, because we continually do that work for you. We have relationships with multiple carriers and insurance wholesalers. We take the extra time to contact each and every resource possible to ensure that you receive the maximum coverage at the lowest possible price, regardless of our commission.

If and When a Claim Arises, We Go to Bat for You

Let’s face it: Insurance Companies will argue a claim or attempt to lower the amount of your claim. As an independent consultant, we will fight for exactly what you deserve and nothing less. Based on our experience we know the exact ranges of coverage that insurance companies should provide for any claim and we will make certain that they stay within our proposed range.

Please give us a call to discuss your business and Errors and Omissions Insurance needs to protect all aspects of your organization. We believe that in every case, a personal discussion and/or meeting is essential to achieving your commercial business insurance objectives.